1.  How long will it take to build my home? Can you guarantee it?

From start date, a typical residential home normally takes around 3-4 months to finish, but in building industry, progress of a project could be affected by many factors which are not controllable by the building company, e.g. delay of council consents, supply of materials, sub-trades’ availabilities, etc, and most commonly, weather is the main holdup when building in winter and spring because a lot of works such as ground works, roofing and bricklaying are heavily weather dependent. That’s why it’s almost impossible to guarantee a project’s finish date unconditionally, beware that some companies offer so called “on time” guarantee which usually comes with some hard-to-spot fine print as protective condition, be careful of that.

In Nexus Homes we have a different approach instead of giving empty promise, we choose to put in tremendous effort in project management to keep the project running effectively and smoothly in turn the chance of delay can be reduced to the minimum, and if delay is inevitable, we would rather take the time and do the job right instead of rushing the project to meet the deadline.

2.  What’s the geographical area in which you build?

We generally build in Hamilton, Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Morrinsville, but we also accept works in greater Waikato area, please contact us and we will evaluate each case individually.

3.  Can you provide square meter rate for building a new home?

This is a very good question, unfortunately building a house is not something you can compare apples to apples, in building industry no two projects are exactly the same, building costs of two seemingly identical houses could varied significantly because of soil quality, site conditions and specs of the house. That’s why we would rather take some time and price every building project individually, so our clients can have better idea about the cost of their new homes instead of getting a misleading price and end up with nasty surprise later.

4.  Is there any charges for estimating my building project?

No, we sincerely appreciate every business opportunity we are given, therefore the pre-contract consultations and estimating process are absolutely free with no obligations, unless some specialist service/test are required but it will be thoroughly discussed with the client and get approved before commencing.

5.  What’s included in your quote for my project?

We have a standard inclusion list for every home we build, it will be discussed in the consultations.

6.  Can I upgrade or change the specifications of my new home?

Absolutely, you have your own personal taste on buying a new car, why should buying a new home be any different? We actually encourage our clients to customize their new home so that the house we build for you is truly unique of your own style and full of warm personal touches.

7.  How do you schedule the payments for my building project?

We have standard progressive payment schedule and charge accordingly upon completion of each stage, this information will be covered in our consultation before contract.

8.  Do you offer “turn key” option?

General answer is yes, we will evaluate each project individually, but turn key generally is the most expensive way to build your new home because most building companies have to apply at least 10%-15% interest rate in the contract price to cover their financial cost, therefore for most clients, progressive payments in general will be the most cost-effective way to go for.