About Us

Based in Hamilton but also covering the Greater Waikato area, Nexus Homes are specialists in high-quality residential new builds, property developments, and major renovation projects.

A primarily family run business that was founded in 2012 by father-and-son team Lionel and Vincent, the company is now one of the most trusted building firms in Hamilton.

Lionel has been building for over 46 years (he is an ambitious Kiwi builder who took on projects in Australian parliament house in the 80’s) and whilst constructing over 150 houses has won multiple awards for his projects throughout Hamilton and Australia.

Even today Lionel oversees the projects that Nexus Homes takes on ensuring the high-quality homes continue to be delivered to the clients. Sometimes, you may even still see Lionel leading the team on the sites.

Vincent was working for a long time in sales management roles for several local big box building material stores. During his time in these roles he accumulated a wide product knowledge. Today he utilises the management skills learnt during those years to be incredibly effective at managing the business and building projects.

If you would like to speak to us about house plans, or perhaps you have your own design you would like an opinion on, we are happy to discuss concepts and budgets.

If you are planning to build a new home, and would like a friendly, no-obligation consultation, or to see examples of our work, then please contact us.


PO BOX 24086, Hamilton 3253
T: (07) 859 1089
F: (07) 858 4369
E: info@nexushomes.co.nz